The Bride of The Water God

I just finished the first episode of The Bride of the Water God and while it wasn’t spectacular the female lead So-ah and the rest of the cast were likeable enough to keep me laughing and drawn into this world.

As with most dramas grounded in the fantastical, this drama has a lot of neat visual effects and eye-dropping new worlds which generally takes place in the first episode as a means of drawing people in to sticking around for 12 plus episodes. This drama did succeed in that case as the displays of Ha-baek’s Godly powers were certainly something to behold and the set designs were gorgeous. However, I felt that there could have been more to remind us that we’re dealing with otherworldly beings than some water effects.

The main draw to many dramas is the male and female leads. Shin Se-kyung does a marvelous job of playing the hard on her luck So-ah while I’m still skeptical about Nam Joo-hyuk as The Water God (Ha Baek). He looks lovely but he doesn’t do much with his face so I rarely know what he’s supposed to be emoting if he doesn’t have a line to guide me. We also meet Lim Ju-hwan as Hoo-ye the mysterious CEO who may or may not begin to have feelings for So-ah as second male leads tend to do, Shin Jae-hoon as So-ah’s loyal but hilariously naggy Nurse Yoo Sang-yoo and Park Kyoo-sun as Ha Baek’s servant from the Godly realm Nam Soo-ri. Baby Jung will be making her presence in the next episode so I’m excited to watch it shortly!

My major issue with the drama was that there was far too much exposition at the beginning when it would have been far more interesting to show us. The first 2 minutes was rife with information and I barely remember it so I’m hoping they repeat it in the future. I also am not feeling Joo-hyuk as the male lead based soley on this episode. He’s far too rigid, even as a God and I don’t feel much charisma from him.

That being said, I did like his chemistry with Se-kyung and I found myself feeling thoroughly entertained by the other characters. The writing for the modern world is stronger than in the Godly realm and the characters are well defined. Most importantly, I want to know what will happen next. I want to know if So-ah will wake up and who the other God’s are. I want to know is Ha-baek will get his powers back and if Soo-ri will snap one day. I want to know why So-ah hates Korea but decided to be a doctor in order to help her people. And I want to know if money truly equals happiness.

I don’t have a set schedule for this drama so I’ll put up the next episode review when I get to it.


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